Products Liability

Products Liability

practice-products-2A dangerously defective product can lead to devastating injuries. In pursuing these types of claims, our firm works with product design engineers and other scientific experts to determine the cause of the failure in an effort to prove that the manufacturer is legally responsible.

Product liability claims can be filed in addition to claims for recovery in workers compensation or other insurance claims. Our firm has handled claims involving injuries from vehicle defects, airbag failures, and industrial equipment.

In one of our more recent cases, a one year old boy in Texas accessed a coin shaped button battery from a Vizio stereo bar remote control and ingested it. The battery lodged in his esophagus and the electric current created a caustic agent that burned his throat tissue. This serious condition put him in the hospital for months of operations, treatment and observation. The Meyerson Law Firm filed suit in San Diego Federal Court alleging a dangerous design defect in the remote.

The Meyerson Law Firm urges everyone to look through their remotes and toys and ensure that any which use button or coin shaped batteries are secured with child safe mechanisms.

If you have been injured from a dangerous product or a product that failed to work properly, please call The Meyerson Law Firm for a free consultation.