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Meyerson Cagle attorneys challenge Texas’ Liquor Laws

On May 19, 2008, Jeff Meyerson and Chris Cagle testified before the Texas House Committee on Civil Practices regarding what is essentially a loophole in the Texas Dram Shop laws. The Texas Dram Shop Laws were enacted to provide an avenue for compensation against purveyors of alcohol to intoxicated persons who end up hurting others. Meyerson Cagle represented the family of 16 year old Jordan Evans, who was killed after an intoxicated classmate lost control of his pickup truck on a local Farm to Market road in Lampasas, Texas. Meyerson Cagle learned from a convenience store videotape that the intoxicated teenager bought 48 beers without the store clerk even checking his identification. Meyerson Cagle litigated the case on behalf of the family, and subsequently proposed legislation to change the Dram Shop Act to protect Texas families. The attorneys at Meyerson Cagle were invited to speak to the Texas House Committee concerning the proposed legislative changes.

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