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Defective Medical Spinal Implant

The Meyerson Law Firm recently settled on behalf of a client with Verticor, Ltd., the manufacturer of a spherical spinal implant called an Eclipse Sphere as well as Dr. James Hansen.  This device was cleared via the FDA’s 510k process using the predicate of Medtronic’s Satellite Sphere.    When used in an off-label manner, the device subsides into the vertebrae causing intense pain and typically requiring removal.  Over several years, Dr. James Hansen installed the device in numerous patients in Central Texas.  At the same time, he was being paid by Verticor as a consultant.  When asked whether he received additional payments each time he used the sphere, Dr. Hansen asserted the 5th amendment.   The Meyerson Law Firm continues to help his former patients recover for their pain, disability, and medical bills.