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Contaminated Heparin Recalled by Baxter Healthcare

A civil lawsuit has been filed by The Meyerson Law Firm, P.C. against Baxter Healthcare on behalf of an Austin man who alleges he was subjected to contaminated Heparin. Baxter Healthcare is one of the largest manufacturers of Heparin in the world. Heparin is an “anticoagulant” medication, commonly referred to as “blood thinner.” In January 2008, Baxter issued a recall of certain lots of contaminated Heparin. The recall was issued after a spike in adverse event reports surfaced involving reactions to heparin.
The recalled lots contained an ingredient referred to as “crude heparin” which has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The tainted Heparin was distributed to hospitals and patients around the world. Many patients have unknowingly been exposed to contaminated Heparin. Adverse events associated with the contaminated Heparin include severe allergic reactions and dangerous hypotension. At least 81 patients have died after being exposed to Heparin, and hundreds more have been sickened.

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