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Bite Back When A Dog Bites

When an injury is caused by someone else's dog, whether at their house or at the park, there is an avenue to recover not just your medical bills, but compensation for your pain, scarring, and mental anguish.  The key to most of these claims is the history of the dog.  Texas follows what has been called the first bite rule, which relates to the requirement that an owner know of his dog's aggressive...
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Jeff Meyerson Argues Spine Stimulator Case Against Medtronics at the 5th Circuit

On October 3rd, The Meyerson Law Firm squared off against Medtronics at the 5th Circuit.  The basis of the case is a RestoreSensor spine stimulator that stopped functioning only a year and a half after its installation.  The Meyerson Law Firm claimed that advertising on the Medtronics website constituted an express warranty.  A ruling is expected to be made within months which may help others faci...
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