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Button Battery from Vizio Remote Causes Severe Injury to Toddler

Last year a one year old in Austin, Texas accessed a coin shaped "button" battery from a Vizio stereo bar remote control and ingested it.  The battery lodged in his esophagus and the electric current created a caustic agent that burned his throat tissue.  This serious condition put him in the hospital for what is now months of operations, treatment and observation.  The Meyerson Law Firm has filed...
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Nuvasive, Inc. Blames Doctor in Case Involving NVM5 Neuromonitor

On February 28, 2012, our client Edith went in for surgery where the doctor used the NVM5 neuromonitor manufactured by Nuvasive, Inc.  In the middle of the surgery, the orthopedic doctor aborted the procedure.  Nuvasive admitted in emails to the doctor that their product did not work properly during the procedure and explained what they would do to prevent problems in the future.  The patient incu...
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