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Medical Malpractice Expansion

Recent case law has expanded the definition of what would be considered medical malpractice.  In addition to traditional malpractice by doctors or nurses, any injury at a medical facility may fall under the requirements of the Civil Practice and Remedies Code Ch. 74.  This chapter, that was created under tort reform, requires that a special report be provided by the Plaintiff within 120 days of fi...
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Oil and Gas Fraud

The Meyerson Law Firm is currently litigating an oil fraud case in federal court in Detroit.  The allegations of fraud asserted by our client discuss an elaborate scheme involving taking deposits for millions of dollars worth of oil and then refusing to provide the product.  Depositions for this case will take us from Houston to San Francisco with the trial being held in Detroit.
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Defective Medical Spinal Implant

The Meyerson Law Firm recently settled on behalf of a client with Verticor, Ltd., the manufacturer of a spherical spinal implant called an Eclipse Sphere as well as Dr. James Hansen.  This device was cleared via the FDA's 510k process using the predicate of Medtronic's Satellite Sphere.    When used in an off-label manner, the device subsides into the vertebrae causing intense pain and typically r...
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Tip Pooling

The FLSA prohibits restaurants from requiring tip pooling amongst staff. Voluntary tip pooling is legal, but only waiters, bartenders, and restaurant employees making less than minimum wage and who have direct interaction with patrons may participate in tip collection. Managers, cooks, dishwashers, etc. are not permitted to receive tips on a mandatory basis. Many restaurants and bars violate the F...
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