Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

practice-operationWe all expect our doctors to be reasonably careful in caring for patients. Unfortunately, sometimes even good doctors make mistakes. Other times, doctors will jeopardize a patient’s health by performing unnecessary procedures for financial gain. Or, they may recommend a certain defective medical device because they have a financial incentive from the manufacturer.

A patient who suspects medical malpractice or health care fraud should promptly consult with an experienced attorney in order to determine whether they have case and how to proceed. In Texas and many other states, there are deadlines and laws which make claims against incompetent doctors difficult to prosecute.

A good experienced attorney will be required to successfully advise you and if necessary, litigate your claims.

At The Meyerson Law Firm, we have years of experience in successfully bringing claims caused by physician error. Our firms’ efforts have led to successful appellate decisions which to this day guide other attorney’s and courts in how to interpret the laws surrounding medical malpractice claims.

Our investigations have sometimes led to additional claims against medical device manufacturers for improper marketing practices or defective products. Our firm has litigated in both state and federal courts against Medtronic, Verticor, SJM, Nuvasive, and other medical device manufacturers.

If you feel that your doctor committed malpractice, call us today for a free and confidential consultation.