Legal Malpractice

Legal Malpractice

legalmalpracticeIt is unfortunate that sometimes even attorneys make mistakes that can cost their clients money. If an attorney has missed a deadline or made an error that has damaged or ended your case, you need to consult with our attorneys at The Meyerson Law Firm right away to see if the mistake can be undone. If necessary, we can bring legal malpractice claims against your current attorney which can be paid by his malpractice insurance coverage.

Leaving Your Attorney to Hire The Meyerson Law Firm

If you are unhappy with your current attorney because he doesn’t return phone calls, doesn’t explain your claims or the applicable law, or is not aggressively pursuing your case, please call our firm for a confidential and free consultation. Our firm has facilitated the transfer of cases when the current attorney isn’t getting the job done right.

Case Running is Illegal and Unethical

Contacting prospective clients either by phone or in person is illegal and unethical. If an attorney or his agent has encouraged for you to sign up with their firm without you contacting them first, call The Meyerson Law Firm right away. You will probably be able to void your contract and leave the unethical firm who is not looking out for your best interests.

Sometimes, unethical law firms employ “case runners” who actively chase after persons who have been injured. They may say that they are from a doctor’s office or repair shop. If you have been led to a law firm improperly, call us today for a confidential and free consultation about your legal options and how the law protects you.

Call our office today and let us explain the difference a high quality and experienced law firm can make for you.